Yo Soulquarians,
here’s the next bullet from the Stori gun.
Sometimes i hear fresh new music from an artist and it could be literelly a few seconds of the first listen of a tune and you know there’s something special.
That’s what happened when i first heard the Nicki Minaj “Did It On Em” response…”Jealousy”.
The potty mouthed New Jersey based Songstress / Raptress is heavileee talented.
Here’s the next joint…”Still a Lady”. It’s absolutely wicked. Definitely my kinda sheeeeeeeiiit.
I’ll be smacking the finished mastered version on my R&B show V/soon.
Til then…enjoy this rough cut.

KOF – An Alternative Soul EP is out now…written and produced by KOF, with features from Terri Walker and Radio 1’s Dev, this project is an awesome display of this guys huge potential…some massive tracks such as ‘Looking At Me’ and ‘Child of the Ghetto’…

Click the image to buy

Watch his Ronnie Herel Live Session below:

Ssup my R&B famlay,
here’s yet more niceness repping from the UK
After the success of the mixtapes Split Endz Vols 1 & 2 respectively, the lovely NY has a debut album called “Who Is She” on the horizon and “Muisc” is the lead off single produced by new skool studio technician Panther.
Nyomi blessed up my 1xtra R&B show on Monday to break down the new project in detail and hit me up with with a big heavyweight tune from the album featuring legendary reggae artist Sizzla.
Catch the full interview HERE when you’re ready.
In the meantime enjoy the video to “Music”.
Go girl!!

Hey R&B famlay,
Some 14 years after their 1st classic collaboration, (The Boy is Mine) Monica returns with a new single with Brandy called ‘It All Belongs To Me’.
‘Anything (To Find You)’ is the B-Side to the duet and it features Ricky Rozay.
‘It All Belongs To Me’ is out April 8th. If you’re not sure after the first listen it is a grower.
Monica’s seventh album, ‘New Life’, is out April 9th on RCA Records.
For now enjoy this video!