Who remembers the club n radio bangerz ‘Playground’ & ‘Jump’ by UK R&B group Fundamental 03?
Well the trio – Jermaine, Kyle and Varren – now with the shortened FDM tag have matured at a frenetic pace. In the space of six years, they’ve garnered the attention of most major labels before ultimately committing to Geffen Records and then Ne-Yo’s Atlanta based Compound Entertainment.  Over years past, they’ve developed their own kinship nothing short of an eternal brotherhood. Even though Jermaine has been touted as the group’s front man since the move to the states, their “two against one policy,” has always worked to engender a cohesiveness that has helped them survive each other’s company for six trying years.
I interviewed the guys in the baby stages of their career and now they’ve re-emerged with THE PUDDING MIXTAPE in anticipation of a brand new album for 2010.
I’ll be talking to FDM on my BBC Radio 1xtra R&B show very soon…Until then click here and enjoy the mixtape!

For more info: www.fdmofficial.com

Janelle Monae oozes straight up talent. She sings, dances, writes and composes.
Watch-out for this lady formerly signed up by Big Boi on his Purple Ribbon label (distributed by Virgin Records).
Recently Janelle landed a deal with Diddy’s Atlantic in-print Bad Boy Records.
Her album ‘The Arch Android’ set for release 18th May 2010
I been hammering this retrospective banger on my BBC Radio 1xtra R&B show for a hot minute so it’s now time to share the video with you…Enjoy this.

Usher’s 6th studio album ‘Raymond Vs Raymond’ has been pushed back from the original release date of March 30th to April 26th. Yes, you have been made to wait just a little longer for the R&B superstars’ brand new set in which he will re-affirm his reign as the current king of R&B.
As an Usher fan i was left a lil bemused wondering how he could drop classic albums like ‘8701’ & ‘Confessions’ then follow those masterpeices up with, in my opinion, the disappointing ‘Here I Stand’ album.
Well all the greatest stars are allowed a musical blip and it’s nice to see he’s regained heavyweight form with a welcome return.
Following his intensely spotlighted split with wife Tameka Foster, his album title was apparently semi inspired by the 1979 divorce blockbuster Kramer Vs Kramer which starred Meryl Streep and Dustin Hoffman.
A carefully constructed ‘Raymond Vs Raymond’ features proven collaborations with Jam & Lewis, (‘Monstar’ / ‘Mars Vs Venus’) Polow Da Don, (‘Little Freak’ ft Nicki Minaj) he also links with one of my favourite U.S producers right now Bangladesh (‘She Don’t Know’ ft Ludacris)
Watchout for classic Usher moments with ‘There Goes My Baby’ & ‘Pro Love’.
This album is a resonating message to the R&B world that Usher is back…
Until its imminent release enjoy a coupla vidz


OMG…its the official video to the mahoosive new single out now! ft WILL I AM

The legendary Janet sat down with the legendary Oprah in a very honest interview to speak about her brothers passing, and the new film she stars in with Tyler Perry.

Big up to Janet and RIP MJ.


In light of her recent contraversial music video, where she strips naked on a street full of people and gets shot on the spot where JFK got assasinated, Erkyah has been charged with disorderly conduct.

Click here for the full story and watch the video for ‘Window Seat’, reversed on www.erykahbadu.com


Mary J Blige feat. Jay Sean – Each Tear

Janet Jackson – Nothing

Raheem Devaughn – I Dont Care

Courtesy of Worldstar.

Taio Cruz feat. Ke$ha – Dirty Picture

Kelis – Acapella


All day Monday (29th March) BBC Radio 1xtra paid homage to the Queen of Hip Hop soul who has just released her 9th studio album ‘Stronger With Each Tear’ accompanied by a new single ‘I am’.
MJB is 20 years deep in the gameand there were tributes throughout the day including yours truly delving into those retrospective, definitive and pivotal moments in an incredible career.
Peep the video interview!

A few people have mentioned this interview to me – Jill speaks about being a black woman, how she feels about interracial dating, being called a racist and addresses other subjects close to her heart.

Freedom of speech right?