Usher – ‘Raymond Vs Raymond’

Usher’s 6th studio album ‘Raymond Vs Raymond’ has been pushed back from the original release date of March 30th to April 26th. Yes, you have been made to wait just a little longer for the R&B superstars’ brand new set in which he will re-affirm his reign as the current king of R&B.
As an Usher fan i was left a lil bemused wondering how he could drop classic albums like ‘8701’ & ‘Confessions’ then follow those masterpeices up with, in my opinion, the disappointing ‘Here I Stand’ album.
Well all the greatest stars are allowed a musical blip and it’s nice to see he’s regained heavyweight form with a welcome return.
Following his intensely spotlighted split with wife Tameka Foster, his album title was apparently semi inspired by the 1979 divorce blockbuster Kramer Vs Kramer which starred Meryl Streep and Dustin Hoffman.
A carefully constructed ‘Raymond Vs Raymond’ features proven collaborations with Jam & Lewis, (‘Monstar’ / ‘Mars Vs Venus’) Polow Da Don, (‘Little Freak’ ft Nicki Minaj) he also links with one of my favourite U.S producers right now Bangladesh (‘She Don’t Know’ ft Ludacris)
Watchout for classic Usher moments with ‘There Goes My Baby’ & ‘Pro Love’.
This album is a resonating message to the R&B world that Usher is back…
Until its imminent release enjoy a coupla vidz


OMG…its the official video to the mahoosive new single out now! ft WILL I AM