Neyo’s Double AA banger!

Neyo drops the 1st two singles off of his forthcoming ‘Libra Scale’ album set to land September 21st 2010.
‘Beautiful Monster’ is the lead single backed up with ‘Champagne Life’.
One of the reasons (as explained by Neyo in my recent interview
with him which you can hear on an older post) was that the U.S market didn’t grasped the sound of ‘Closer’ when it was first released, mainly because of it’s European dance sounding roots.
A lesson learned, he decided to back up the significantly more dancier ‘Beautiful Monster’ with the ultra cool and straight up soulful banger ‘Champagne Life’ catering for those Neyo fans that have a problem relating to his other musical side.
Here’s the two videos back to back…The Gentlemen (Super hero)
concept makes them a definite must watch!