New Chipmunk & Trey Songz!

When I heard Flying High I was like “Allow!”, when I heard Champion I thought “Yo!”, when I heard In The Air I felt disapointment like the parent of a kid that got Level 2’s in his SAT’s even though he revised. So by this point, I had doubts about the album (yh you’ve got collabs but are you gonna sell doe?). But after hearing this, the Trey tune, I’m not going to lie, I’m slyly impressed.

Whatever you have to say about Chipmunk, the A&Ring on this album is delicious! This American quality, Timbaland styled production from none over than H-Money (one of the British additions to the Darkchild camp and the man behind hits like ‘Champion’ and ‘Look For Me’), should allow Chip Diddy Chip to reach the balance between being commercial and credible. Well, as long as he stays away from Moment 4 Life Freestyles and tunes like Game Over.

As much as it hurts me to give props to Sony, I’ll have to rate them if they pull this off.

– Silver J