DJ Cameo & Paperbwoy ft The Grime Wave – ‘Who’s Dat’

Ssup people,
now you know ordinarily i keeps it soulful up in here but very occasionally something mad grimey will hit me right in di face and it’ll be something that i need to let you know about. On this occasion it happens to be my boy and BBC Radio 1xtra colleague, DJ Cameo alongside Paperbwoy with their heavyweight tunage.
Cams Grime Wave collective are some of the UKs Hottest MCs Present & Future all spittin bars on one red hot 5 minute joint!
Watch out for verses courtesy of Mz Bratt, Scrufizzer, Lioness Dream McClean, A Dot, Baby Blu infact all 17 MCs tear the riddim to absolute pieces. Also check Killa Cams Cameo appearance at the beginning of the vid. Gwarn son!!