Juliyaa Making ‘Waves’ With Debut EP

Soulful R&B songstress Juliyaa is making ‘waves’ right now with the release of her distinctive debut EP “Stars & Dragons”
The EP title represents her cultural heritage – the ‘Black Star’ of Ghana & the ‘Red Dragon’ of Wales. These influences shine through in her music & lyrics, giving you the perfect introduction to this fun-loving yet contemplative artist.
Juliyaa’s beautiful vocals & sublime harmonies unite with both lively Urban beats & more traditional soulful sounds to showcase her very own style that she calls ‘Rhythmic Soul’. The 6 track EP features notable production from UK beat-makers Basil Hanson, Antony On The Beat & Mo-Keyz.
The first single “Tidal Wave” has an energetic flavour, with crashing beats & dubstep elements which are delightfully refreshing to hear from a soul-inspired female singer. Download “Stars & Dragons” for free & take a look at the captivatingly cool video for “Tidal Wave” below.
Miss Jen (@MissJenOfficial)