I’ve heard this story for a few months now after being reported on several blogs, but its been confirmed by TMZ that Mathew’s 18 month affair with former worker Alexandria Wright has resulted in a baby boy called Nixon.

The recent DNA test came back positive and they are closing to reaching an agreement for childs support.

No wonder Tina filed for divorce..

You see a similarity?


If you love your UK soul straight up organic, you really need to check this lil’ lady out.
Louise Golbey came to my attention thru Mr 100% Homegrown Ras Kwame and after playing her debut tune ‘Same Ol Same Ol’ and seeing her performance on the BBC Introducing stage @ Glastonbury, i was well n truly sold.
Louise has an E.P called ‘How It Is’ available to download now and you can also check www.louisegolbey.com for any additional info.
You know i wouldn’t misguide you when it comes to giving you the heads up on natural talent but if you want to see for yourself (and it is strongly advised that you do) peep this interview where L.G performs 3 tracks acoustically and flawlessly on my BBC Radio 1xtra R&B show.
RH 🙂

Robin Thicke feat. Estelle – Rollercoasta

This is Robin’s second single taken from his album ‘Sex Therapy’. I quite like it.. its quite funky..


I’ve always been a MASSIVE fan of Brandy, I think she pees nicely over Beyonce, Rihanna and majority of the rest of those whores girls.

Yeah she killed someone in her car but hey, who hasn’t almost?

Peep her singing Etta James’ “At Last” in her bathroom.

As far as I’m concerned 3 letters come to mind – S.N.M.!!

I’m not gonna doubt Beyonce’s vocal ability but to me, Brandy KILLS Beyonce!

Who sings it better?


A million reasons why Wretch 32 is hands down my favourite uk ‘rapper’. My darg.

Seriously, how many other mc’s can do this?


Someone sign him. please!


I’m not the worlds greatest Gaga fan in the slightest! Or Beyonce when shes wearin no clothes and chattin shit and I’m not the only one, good times.

The USA’s Fox News did an interesting little report on the new monstrosity video ‘Telephone’..

Whats its all about eh?

I know there are people like Madonna and other artists that have ‘pushed the envelope’ when it comes to video making but I think Gaggle and Beyonce have definitely gone to another level. Lesbianism, gettin locked up for murder, then coming out to do a mass murder with a bunch of men dancing around in a kitchen while you decide to poison a whole dinder of people?? Fuck art, thats just a madness! And to the people saying Gaga is a modern day MJ (God rest his soul), but for the fact this video is 10 mins long and Thriller was like a mini movie, that comment is spitting on MJ’s good name.

Sorry peeps but I’m not sold by the Gaga machine, she’s an illuminati puppet (yeah i said it) and she needs to go eat a food and say a prayer.