Whitney Houston is a legend in her own right. She is absolutely ‘the voice’ and has been responsible for some of the biggest riddims in the world on R&B.

Lets take a trip down memory lane.

In between then and now Whitney’s had a well publicised drug habit and has since come out of the other side. Her comeback has been epic, a new album called I Look To You, a memorable performance on the X Factor (for both good and bad reasons) and a world tour. However, one thing that seems to have changed in Whitney is her voice.

She recently performed in Korea as part of her come back tour and sang the song she’s probably most recognised for.

This is sad to see right? This was her 11 years ago singing the same song at Diva’s Live and you can blatently tell the difference.

Lets hope with, maybe a little honey lemon concoction (or maybe just a medical miracle) Whit can get some of her goodies back, coz its a sad day when someone else can sing your song better than you..

M x

JLS did super well at last night’s Brit Awards but theres something familiar about their new song.

See below.

I’m not the biggest JLS fan but the chorus is really catchy which is the part of the song I usually clock first. But I originally didnt realise it was JLS coz it sounds like this..


That is all.


Big shout to Atlantic Records who dropped a proper post Brits moriarty at The New China White last nite. It happened to bring in my birthday neatly so the timing couldn’t have been better for a proper shindig.

In Attendance were Jigga, Alesha Dixon, Bluey Robinson, Rodney P (who is responsible for my mahoosive headache today) Ironic, oh and me. Everybody was straight up having it. Woyeee!
Big shout to everyone who walked away with a Brits gong… Salutations to Dizzy & JLS who were very worthy winners!
Now i’m off to get some Paracetamol! Till the morrows ppl!



Since Christmas I’ve been speculating with my family, friends and twit-familia about who merked Archie with the Queen Vic and literally everyday it changes. Ronnie, I know you’re involved in the Eastenders hype too!

They’re talking NEW EVIDENCE and all sorts! woy.

These are my TOP suspects..


Ronnie hasn’t been shy about her feelings towards her dad throughout and to be fair he did basically ruin her life.

He told her the daughter she gave up was dead, then when she was actually back on ends looking for her mama he lied to poor Danielle. Anyway, cut a long story by the time poor Ron found out who Danielle was, Janine licked down her down.


Oh, and THEN when she finally got pregnant, he made her miscarry by pushing her into the bar when they were arguing.


Not to mention, Roxy was slyly the favourite.

Although she was arrested and released and had a moment when she realised, rah my dad’s actually dead, as of now she’s acting kinda nuts. From when she can poke holes in a mans condom ANYTHINGS POSSIBLE..


The man lied to her, tried to make her dress like the late, great Pauline Fowler, broke her heart and then tried to take her pub. ARE U SICK?! That’s reason enough to done his dance surely!

PLUS, she’s leaving Walford soon.. she could be fleeing coz she’s guilty or she could be gettin locked up.. ooo


Peggy wanted him to kill Archie, and when he didnt she called him out, basically sayin he was watless and GRANT would have dealt with the matter, thus making him spiral into a drunken mess for a good couple months. (He’s cool now though, imagine if all drunks could be cured as quick as Phil..) Then there was the whole thing with the bloody shirt his ride or die biatch Shirley got rid of for him. He’s blatently a suspect just because he’s Phil, and Archie did more than step on his toes when he married Peggy..


She looked at the Queen Vic and her uglyness made it fall on him!

Nah i’m lying. Archie set her up differently, used her to wind Peggy up, then sent her off to make sure they lost the bail money (Ronnie’s money, he hated her man, why Archie why??)

When Sam finally came back, she held a box from her mum, was all emotional and that and again, emotion counts for alot of deaths in E20. Boy.


I don’t actually think Janine killed Archie because I think her daddy issues actually made her love Archie like she did her dad. But having said that, she did marry Barry for his money then kill him coz it didnt go her way, which COULD BE the case here when Archie used her to get the pub then when he got it slung her out in her undies. (That was a really long sentence, sorry dudes) But the WHOLE square is pointing the finger at her coz shes a mad girl and shes killed 2 people (she run over Danielle as well) especially the Mitchells who have a vendetta against her. PLEASE SEE BIG BOLD WRITING AT THE END!



Look at him.. with his sons woman.. filth.

Anyway yeah, I don’t think he’s really got all that much reason to want to wipe Archie out but he did take the piss out of him one time.. Remember when Max was broke and asked Archie for a loan and Archie was like ‘Yeah I’ll borrow you score, BRING ME BACK MY CHANGE’  Liberties! And if I remember rightly Archie got a hold of Max’s Merc too.


Jack and Ronnie had quite an intense, deep, wierd relationship but ultimately it failed because of the poor girls daddy issues. When she poked the holes in the condom it was too much for Jack which ended their relations. Not to mention, he’s just a bad man. I don’t think he’d be as shook as to lick a man over the head with a statue though. Unlike…


We know Bradley gave Archie a box but Bradley’s actually quite emotional. He’s ALWAYS crying! And when it comes to Stace, who knows NOW what he might do for his woman. She’s been through a lot and them Branning men don’t really think before they act. So he COULD have left the Vic after clobbering him, gone outside with his bloody fist, got heated and thought, nah Archie you’re taking the PISS, Stacey wasn’t well, I WANTED IT TO BE MYYY SEED, NOOO, then BLAM…

Maybe? Allow my imagination.

Have I missed anyone?

We find out in a LIVE episode on FRIDAY. I’M SO EXCITED!



But the Malitia are looking awfully smug in their inspector gadget coats..

I went to Ampt at Sound in Leicester Square a few weeks ago and saw Daley perform his version of Maxwell – Pretty Wings. His voice is amazing! This is one of those songs that has the original artists stamp all over it but Daley has made this his own.

Daleys voice = sicka.

M x

Sup my R&B family!

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Infact, i’ma launch this blog with my i/view with one of the biggest superstars in the game right now…12 time Grammy winner…Alicia Keys!!!

Coming soon…i’ll be uploading my past interviews with the aforementioned in my Archive section over there on the right so hold tight!
You can Look forward to all my video interviews with the R&B stars of now also, watchout for a crateful of my R&B mixes coming @ ya real soon 🙂

Now if you’re familiar with my 1xtra RnB show you may have heard MichelleLicious’s news bits on there. You’ll soon get to know that Meesh won’t be pulling any punches (Ouch!).

Go on girl!

HIYA! If you don’t know me and want to get to know follow me on twitter here. I tweet a lot about random things, food, tv, music, I moan and I’m always quoting a lyric. I’m also very opinionated! When I LOVE a song I can listen to it on repeat EASILY over and over again. Right now the tune on repeat is my good mate Tinie Tempah’s, Pass Out (out March 1st)

Anyway, back to it!  Here are my 5 to watch in the world of UK RnB for 2010. In no particular order, here we go..


I first heard of this young man when Ronnie played his tune Rainy Day when I was working on the RnB show and instantly fell in love. Daley hails from Manchester and has some serious soul, plus he has a different kinda swag. He did a live session at Maida Vale for BBC Introducing and he can BLOW. I saw him live a couple of week back at Sound where he sang Maxwell’s, Pretty Wings and it was a beauty. Check out his myspace page and follow Daley on twitter.


BLUEEEEEEYYYYY Aka Billy Jackson (Sorry Blue.) Hes been tipped as Ronnie’s one to watch for 2010, along with a lot of people, including Ryan Leslie who remixed I Know which can tear up a dance. He’s busked in NY and braved the London underground, even though the stoosh commuters ignored him! He’s got a beautiful voice, so much so hes been signed to a major which is a big look. And hes from South London, WOY! Follow him on twitter here and have a look at his myspace page.


Selah has been doing her thing since 2006 when Lemar sponsored her as his unsigned artist to perform at the BBC Maida Vale studios for 1Xtra. She featured as the vocalist on DnB producers ‘Blame’ track Because of You that got heavy rotation on the daytime playlist on 1Xtra and was Radio 1’s Zane Lowe’s HOTTEST RECORD IN THE WORLD. Since then Selah’s tune ‘Superstar’ has been getting big love and shes been signed to Sony/RCA records. Not bad eh? She’s got a YouTube page where she sings and stuff, proving her wicked technical ability without a studio. Click here to follow her movements on twitter.


I heard McLean’s (formally known as Digga) tune ‘Broken’ time ago and fell in love with his voice instantly. Last year there was a remix with Tinchy Stryder (although I personally didn’t think the tune needed it..) Now to bring us up to date he’s teamed up with Fraser T Smith (the man behind Tinchy and N Dubz – Number 1, Kano – Typical Me, the list actually goes on, but you get my drift from those 2 tunes alone) for his new song ‘My Name’. The video’s very good and there’s a remix with Sky Walker Scorcher, out 8th March. Mclean is here on twitter.


Hailing from Nottingham Liam has hooked up with the legendary Salaam Remi for his new project. I’ve not heard any of his stuff yet but I’ve seen some videos on youtube and dude can singgg and can play the guitar. Any if Salaam Remi has time for him, you know its gonna be big tings. Peep him at his purest.

Honourable mentions

Darren B

Young Nate


Talay Riley

Emile Sande

Cleo Soul


Grand Thomas (heard him on Scorchers album, voice is GONE)

Have I missed anyone? Let me know.


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So here was another great opportunity to check out an incredible artist at work but this time in the close setting of the legendary BBC Maida Vale studios in London.
I arrived early, so early infact, i caught most of the soundcheck which was siiiick!
Lucky me was going to interview the multi talented Alicia Keys. We met up backstage for a lil chat before she headed out to entertain the intimate crowd of 100 willing and waiting fans.
Alicia’s a singer, songwriter, pianist, producer, she’s beautiful and…she cooks!!
Oh my dayz the perfect woman…but is there anything she isn’t good at??? Find out now with one click!

Erykah Badu will release her fifth studio album, “New Amerykah, Part II: Return of the Ankh,” on Feb. 23, 2010 on Universal Motown.

The 38-year-old Dallas, Texas, born singer says the set is called “Part II” because unlike 2008’s more conscious-driven “New Amerykah Part I: 4th World War,” she is “more free and full of life” this time around.

“I called it ‘Part II: The Return of the Ankh’ because this album is the sister of the left side of my brain — it is the right side,” Badu explained during a listening session this week at New York City’s Chung King Studios. “‘Part I was the left side of my thoughts — it was more socially political and my thought process was more analytical. This time there wasn’t anything to be concerned with — the album is more emotional and flowy and talks about feelings. It reminds of the days of ‘Baduizm’ — this is just about beats and rhymes in a cipher.”

Tracks like “Window Seat,” featuring The Roots’ ?uestlove on the drums and James Poyser on piano, finds Badu requesting “a window seat…I don’t want nobody next to me,” over drums and clasps. Meanwhile, she questions “What did I do to make you fall so far from me?” atop keyboard riffs on the 9th Wonder-produced “20 Feet Tall.”

On the banjo-laden “Don’t Be Long,” Badu pleads her lover to return soon although she understands “you gotta get your hustle on.”  She taps into her inner B-girl and pays homage to the Notorious B.I.G. on tracks like “Get Money,” which features elements of the Junior M.A.F.I.A. feat. Notorious B.I.G. track of the same title, and “Incense,” on which she harmonizes the Biggie lyrics, “there’s gonna be a lot of slow singing and flower bringing if my burglar alarm starts ringing,” over a beat reminiscent of Alicia Keys’ “Unbreakable.”

Some of the other stand-out tracks include “Fall In Love” which finds her candidly warning potential lovers, “You’re loving me and I’m driving your Benz / you’re loving me and I’m f*-king your friends;” the harp-heavy ” Out of My Mind Just in Time (Part I) (Undercover Over-Lover),” on which she pleads, “I hate for you, when I hate you too, if you want me to;” and ” Out of My Mind Just In Time (Part 2),” on which she confesses, “I am a recovering undercover over-lover / recovering from a love I can’t get over / and now my lover thinks he wants another,” over piano strokes.

”Jump In The Air” was slated to appear on the album, but parts of it leaked on the internet earlier this week, and as a result Badu is unsure if she will include it on the set. “If anything leaks, I won’t put out this album,” she said about potential future leaks. “I worked too hard for that to happen. Let a bitch make some money some kind of way.”

The track is said to feature nine MCs including Lil Wayne and her son Seven’s father, rapper Andre 3000.

In the past six years, Badu, who has been working on this album since the release of “Worldwide Underground” in 2003, has recorded over 50 songs for “Part II.” She hopes to release an already-completed album titled “Low Down” shortly after this release.

”New Amerykah Part I” has sold 359,000 copies in the United States, according to Nielsen SoundScan.

by Mariel Concepcion, N.Y

Young Nate dropped a free EP for the lovers called ‘The Last of The Sweetboy’.

This includes songs with features from Scorcher, Tinchy Stryder, unreleased tracks and snippets of new material.

I think Nate is quality, Ronnie’s a big supporter and had Nate follow him on his unsigned freshers tour back in September. I feel with the right track and with enough backing he could blow. Hopefully the new album will be a good look for him.

Click here for the download and follow him here on twitter.