This girls voice is one of the best, basically. She doesnt do that whole, pretending to be a diva, holding her chest or the annoying air hand thing either, she’s a genuine performer.

This is her A64, courtesy of Smokey Bars.



This is the official RockCorps single for 2010, produced by UK super producer Davinche featuring Bluey Robinson, Wretch 32, Cleo Sol, Bashy, Aggro Santos an Roll Deep including some volunteers.

The track is called ‘Give A Little Love’, all star UK cast. Check it aaaaat.


I just started at a lovely nail salon some of the nail savvy ladies might know of ‘Wah Nails’ and met a lady called Jessie J.

These were her nails, sick sick sick. Courtesy of the very talented Simona at Wah (www.wah-nails)

She was getting her nails did for her debut video ‘Do It Like A Dude’ so today I typed her name in on youtube and found this.

DON’T sleep on this girl if you love a soulful voice (like I did), she’s done alot ya kna..



Off Devlin’s debut album ‘Bud, Sweat and Tears’ featuring Yasmin – her first singing role as a signed artist.

Available October 24th.

Listen to the words!


Here is the moment when UK singer Soneni impressed the Wu Tang Clan’s Raekwon with her soulful voice, so much so, that he offered to do a collab with her (watch this space!)

Soneni has been musically active now for over a decade, penning her first song at the age of twelve and going on to perform at various venues throughout London and Brighton.

The other day I went along to the video shoot to her single Starstruck, which has previously been included in the 100% Homegrown podcast on 1Xtra.

Check out some of the pictures from the shoot below and to find out more, visit

Anna x

Shouts to Scorcher. He gave the nation his news about signing to a Universal/Geffen last night on Jam’s show on 1Xtra.

Long OVERDUE! Big up, he is sick, so if you dont know about him already its never too late (but you are a bit late)

Click here for everything Scorcher.

Team UK.