In light of her recent contraversial music video, where she strips naked on a street full of people and gets shot on the spot where JFK got assasinated, Erkyah has been charged with disorderly conduct.

Click here for the full story and watch the video for ‘Window Seat’, reversed on


All day Monday (29th March) BBC Radio 1xtra paid homage to the Queen of Hip Hop soul who has just released her 9th studio album ‘Stronger With Each Tear’ accompanied by a new single ‘I am’.
MJB is 20 years deep in the gameand there were tributes throughout the day including yours truly delving into those retrospective, definitive and pivotal moments in an incredible career.
Peep the video interview!

A few people have mentioned this interview to me – Jill speaks about being a black woman, how she feels about interracial dating, being called a racist and addresses other subjects close to her heart.

Freedom of speech right?


The Queen of Neo Soul dropped the classic ‘Baduism’ back in 97′ and since that, the soul masses have always demanded more. Well she’s delivered in the form of her 5th studio album ‘New Amerykah pt 2’ subtitled (Return Of The Ankh)
Mad heavy!
Watch-out for my super-chilled interview coming soon on The 1xtra R&B show…In the meantime, here’s the vid to the web only gem ft Lil Weezy and another left of center soulturian Bilal.
Purified niceness!

Robin Thicke feat. Estelle – Rollercoasta

This is Robin’s second single taken from his album ‘Sex Therapy’. I quite like it.. its quite funky..


I’ve always been a MASSIVE fan of Brandy, I think she pees nicely over Beyonce, Rihanna and majority of the rest of those whores girls.

Yeah she killed someone in her car but hey, who hasn’t almost?

Peep her singing Etta James’ “At Last” in her bathroom.

As far as I’m concerned 3 letters come to mind – S.N.M.!!

I’m not gonna doubt Beyonce’s vocal ability but to me, Brandy KILLS Beyonce!

Who sings it better?