Cher LLoyd’s 1st single ‘Swagger Jagger’ just leaked and she’s angry.

I really expected it to be more like ‘Turn My Swag On’ especially after Keri Hilson said she wants to write for her and already has some ideas… but no.

– Silver J

Its been confirmed that after much media speculation, Cheryl Cole will split from her husband Ashley.

This comes after the recent claims of Ashley exchanging picture messages, LUDE texts and what nots with a few girls. And exchanging a bit more than that apparently too.. BOY.

If you ask me, ABOUT TIME. He’s made her look like a right FOOL, after her whole album is about fighting for love, not needing a parachute and reh reh.

Good for u Cheryl.. just dont lose any more weight yea?

PS. Ronnie says if he was young, free and single he would be there for you.. but unfortunately he’s not. But i’m sure you’ll manage.