HILARIOUS spoof of Chris Brown’s Deuces by Affrion Crockett. He’s done some wicked spoofs of Jay Z and Drake, and this is his latest.


More famous for her big tune back in the day ‘I Love Your Smile’, she’s put out a video covering Lady Gaggle’s Alejandro.

What’d u think?


He’s doing pretty well over here and over the pond, personally ‘Solo’ drives me mad but hey, whatareugonnado.

He’s covered Kanye’s Heartless for Billboard’s ‘Mash-Up Mondays’

Dunno mate. lol. What do youuu think?!


The beautiful London Lauren recently sat down with American station ‘TV One’s’ presenter Quddus and spoke about how motherhood has changed her, the hype about her pregnancy and Wayne being her baby father.

I really respect working mums, especially those in the spotlight and people who have time to hate on her should fall back!

<3 Mx