In the past I have not been the biggest Beyonce fan, Destiny’s Child never really did it for me and when the ladies went solo I always preferred Kelly Rowland’s music. However there is no disputing the fact that ‘Queen B‘ is an absolute superstar! Her recent genius move of releasing a suprise visual album on ITunes demonstrated that not only is she on top of her game musically, she is ahead of the game when it comes to marketing herself and understanding the music business.

Things were all going so well; she had smashed another international #1 album, sold out a global arena tour and then came the ‘elevator’ incident with husband Jay Z and sister Solange – which did not look good for anyone involved! However Beyonce handled the fallout like a pro, publicly stating that she is part of a normal family and sometimes people fall out!

In a genius move she has addressed the issue head on in the lyrics to this fresh new remix of ‘Flawless‘ which features Nikki Minaj, where she explains, ‘We escalate up in this bitch like elevators, of course sometimes shit goes down when it’s a billion dollars on the elevator.’. I always think it’s an admirable thing when artists address negative publicity head on and aren’t afraid to talk about it, not only is this a great track, co-produced by Hit Boy and Boots but it shows a ‘human’ side to the international icon.

Exploring the flaws of her recent family feud has definitley propelled Beyonce one step closer to being ‘Flawless’….enjoy!

Carly – ann (@CarlyMond)

Beyonce feat Nicki Minaj – Flawless Remix




J Cole replaces Andre 3000 on the new version of ‘Party’.

And 2 videos on from ‘Countdown’, just when you thought all the plagiarism hype was over, Khia takes to Twitter to claim that B “swagger jacked” her video concept for ‘My Neck My Back’.  

Check the timeline, it’s jokes.

Still, it was good to see Kelly at the end.

– Silver J

In case you missed the show make sure you jump online and check it out. This week Ronnie caught up with Eric Roberson and has him do an acoustic performance. Eric Roberson also picks his R N B top 5 Also some of the biggest tracks from the RNB and Soul Scene, including music by Omarion, RD, Abel Miller, Beyonce, The Dream, KOF, Mike Hough and many more…

Listen back now:

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I know she dropped a little “bitch” in Ego but my baby took me by suprise when I heard her sing “My Niggaz is home” in Kanye’s new track See Me Now, also featuring Charlie Wilson.

[audio:|titles=Kanye West – See Me Now (ft. Beyonce & Charlie Wilson)]

Working in radio I’m used to cleaning Hip Hop tracks, but it angers me when you get R&B stars like Usher swearing all over tracks like Lil Freak and Hot Tottie. I can’t complain though, this track is deep. Especially as Beyonce only recorded her vocals less than 24 hours ago.

Looking forward to Kanye’s new album out later this year.

-Silver J-

I’ve heard this story for a few months now after being reported on several blogs, but its been confirmed by TMZ that Mathew’s 18 month affair with former worker Alexandria Wright has resulted in a baby boy called Nixon.

The recent DNA test came back positive and they are closing to reaching an agreement for childs support.

No wonder Tina filed for divorce..

You see a similarity?