I’m not the worlds greatest Gaga fan in the slightest! Or Beyonce when shes wearin no clothes and chattin shit and I’m not the only one, good times.

The USA’s Fox News did an interesting little report on the new monstrosity video ‘Telephone’..

Whats its all about eh?

I know there are people like Madonna and other artists that have ‘pushed the envelope’ when it comes to video making but I think Gaggle and Beyonce have definitely gone to another level. Lesbianism, gettin locked up for murder, then coming out to do a mass murder with a bunch of men dancing around in a kitchen while you decide to poison a whole dinder of people?? Fuck art, thats just a madness! And to the people saying Gaga is a modern day MJ (God rest his soul), but for the fact this video is 10 mins long and Thriller was like a mini movie, that comment is spitting on MJ’s good name.

Sorry peeps but I’m not sold by the Gaga machine, she’s an illuminati puppet (yeah i said it) and she needs to go eat a food and say a prayer.


I  know everyone on the planet has seen this but for the Gaga and Beyonce stans you can never watch it enough.

Lady Gaga and Beyonce – Telephone

Trina feat. Diddy and Keri Hilson – Million Dollar Girl

Teairra Mari feat. Soulja Boy & Gucci Mane – Sponsor

Estelle feat. Kardinal Offishal – Freak


I’ve made my opinion on Beyonce very clear as of late, but this interviewer actually challenges her and she gets kinda pissed! The sound quality is bad but its worth watching for stans of Beyonce (coz they love her every move..) and also cynics like myself.

On a side note, I DONT hate her! Just think she needs a break to regroup.. And according to this video Sasha Fierce is dead, woop woop!


Now.. I know several times I’ve made my opinion on Beyonce clear. Love her pre B’day aka pre Jay Z.. but I wouldn’t call her a stupid girl.. unlike Pink.