Yes people, the blog’s been really quiet lately but I had to break the silence to do a post decicated to Teena Marie who sadly passed away on Boxing Day (December 26th).

Not only was she Rick James protegee but was also signed to Motown and allowed to have alot of creative control in the process of making her music, notably her third LP Irons In The Fire which wasnt all that common, especially for women.

Another massive loss to the music industry but again, her legacy will live on through her music.


I caught up with Super producer and New Jack Swing Legend Teddy Riley for The BBC 1xtra R&B show on the eve of Michael Jackson’s Posthumous release ‘Michael’

Teddy was asked to put the finishing touches on the album which consisted of new vocals from MJ.
But did the rest of the Jackson family give the album their blessing?
Where did these new Michael Jackson vocals come from…The Cascio’s basement? But who are the Cascio family?
Are they really his vocals?
How does Teddy respond to Black Eyed Peas frontman Will I Am saying the album should never be released without Michael’s seal of approval?
It’s all right here in my interview with Teddy!

Emerging from the same camp as Devlin, Ghetts and Griminal, Code Red are carving out their lane in the UK music scene, ahead of 2011, with their 1st track ‘Over’.

They’re already being compared to N-Dubz but I think they have something new to offer.

– Silver J

THE ELECTRIC are a fresh new group spearheaded by the renowned beat-taster DJ VADIM. Known for traveling the globe in search of the best musical influences, Daddy Vad has united superb artists, UK soulstress SABIRA JADE and lyrical marvel MC PUGS ATOMZ, to make a truly international collective, saturated with harmony and flavour.

Taken from their highly anticipated debut album ‘LIFE IS MOVING’ – out early next year – the captivating ‘BEAUTIFUL’ is the groups’ first single, and it rouses our musical appetite through a long and gentle retro kiss. An unconventional love song that grooves with your soul, ‘Beautiful’ is a track that serves as much as thank you to fans as a reminder of the collective positivity that unites us all.

Sabira’s warm vocals, both uplifting and soulful, draw you in close, while Pugs’ romantic wordplay and charismatic shout-outs subtly enhance the smooth style while adding some unexpected twists and turns to the dimension of sound. Lyricist and singer YARAH BRAVO is the perfect collaborative choice, her poetic addition soaked in tender attitude pushes the single over the edge of super-coolness.
Like this a lot!

The much anticipated album of newly completed recordings from Michael Jackson entitled ‘MICHAEL’ will be released on December 13 (in the UK) by Epic Records in conjunction with the Estate of Michael Jackson.

The creative process never stopped for the King of Pop who was always planning for his next album; unbeknownst to many fans around the world Michael Jackson was writing and recording songs continuously everywhere from a friend’s home in New Jersey to studios in Las Vegas and Los Angeles with a small group of handpicked collaborators.
Eddie Cascio and family along with Teddy Riley were on Oprah on Monday night…Here’s a little bit of what went down.

Watchout for my interview with Teddy Riley coming soon!

Ssup R&B fam! Been another eventful week in R&B land.
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Bless up

It’s been relationship week on BBC Radio 1xtra and some of the presenters brought in friends and family to help co host their shows. I invited my friend, EastEnders star and singer Preeya Kalidas to come and have some fun on a Sunday for the old skool show and we ended up playing agony aunt and uncle helping with a love dilemma from a singleton on the hunt for love before Christmas.

Plus, i got in the mix with pure classic relationship twisted bangers. Click Here to listen and enjoy!


Seven-time Grammy nominee and Missy Elliott protégé Jazmine Sullivan has worked with the likes of Ne-Yo and Mary J Blige, who recently invited her on tour. Anna Nathanson caught up with the 23-year-old Philadelphia native as she releases her latest album Love Me Back.


How would you describe your image?

I’m not the type of women who shows off my body; I’m a vocalist and I’m a writer, and I think people see that more so than they see anything else. That’s just who I am. I put my emotions in my music and I want people to relate to that.

Missy Elliott is your mentor, what’s your relationship like with her?

She’s like a big sister to me; I’ve known her since I was about 13. I sang to her then and when I was 16 I got signed to Jive Records. She’s definitely someone I look up to, as one of the only female producers out; she’s very inspiring to me. When I first met her, out of all the people I sang for, she was one of the most receptive; she really loved my voice, and she was very excited about me. And when I got signed she was the person they called and she really took a hold of the project. It was amazing for such a huge star to see something in me that was special.

To what extent is Missy involved in your career and day-to-day life?

We don’t hang out as much as we used to but I know that if I need any advice I can call her. I know that when we work together we’ll both come up with something good as we both have a common goal in terms of putting great music out. Missy can come out whenever she wants; she always does something different.


What was it like touring with Mary J Blige?

It was wonderful to get the opportunity to open up for her, and to share the stage with an icon and somebody who I personally look up to. I hope we do it again.


Do you think that Mary sees a bit of herself in you when she was your age?

Definitely. One thing that we share is the passion and emotion that we put into our music. I remember when I was younger and I saw her live and one thing that impressed me was how open and honest she was on stage. I admired her for being able to let go and be that honest; I took that and wanted to incorporate that into what I do.

To what degree have you experienced the fame that comes with being a performer?

So far it hasn’t been as bad as someone like Beyonce would have it, I haven’t gotten to that status yet! I’m getting recognised a lot more than I used to, but it also depends on my look that day.


What was it like having your song Bust Your Windows featured in the hit TV show Glee?

That was incredible! I think it was one of the first songs that they did. My friend sent it to me on Youtube and I hadn’t really heard of the program, but if I’d known then that it would be such a huge show, I probably would have been way more excited! It was an honour that they picked my song to perform, and those kids can sing! Hopefully I can be on it one day.


Your album is called Love Me Back and you recently explained that you put so much into the industry and that you just want the industry and the fans to love you back. With the emphasis on pop and dance records in the charts at the moment, is this something that you have found to be a challenge?

I feel that the music that I do is somewhat of a lost art and it’s not as popular as dance or pop music and people are not as interested in it. But it’s something that I believe in and I feel that it’s needed so that’s why I do it and I will keep doing it until everybody hears it and gets it.


Why do you think that the music you make is not as commercially successful as what’s in the charts?


I think that there’s a time for everything. There was a time when Soul music was the only music people listened to and there was a time when pop and then rap music was the only thing people listened to; everything has a time and one day people will want to hear more R&B, more soulful music.


How do you see the future?

In a few years time I want to have performed all around the world, in sold out stadiums, and have won one or two Grammies.

Jazmine Sullivan’s new album Love Me Back is out this week. Stay up to date with her on Twitter:


Words: Anna Nathanson